Group strand report

Teachers can now see a succinct summary of how a group of students are progressing through a strand at a particular year level.

This report is an aggregated version of the Student Activity Report. It allows teachers to view the best and latest scores on missions by a group or class of students.

From Reports select Group Strand Report:

  1. Across from Legend are the proficiency levels which appear once the student has completed a task
  2. Red square = working towards
    Yellow triangle = near proficient
    Green circle = proficient
  3. Missions can be searched by Best Attempt or Latest Attempt
  4. Students are listed across the top and the Mission names from the Strand selected are listed on the left

Tick 'Show Assignment Data' to reveal how the Mission was assigned.

  • Teacher Assigned = Teacher has manually assigned the mission
  • Scheduled = Teacher has manually assigned the mission with a scheduled dateI
  • In Learning Sequence = Program assigned Mission

The program will assign Missions automatically when the student does not have any Missions assigned.

Educational Benefits

The ability to identify assignment status enables teachers to quickly and easily differentiate instruction. With “Show Assignment Data”, the teacher can determine what concepts need to be assigned, or what concepts are already a part of each student’s learning pathway, thus helping the teacher develop student knowledge and understanding within each literacy strand.