Assignment Management

Teachers can quickly and easily identify current and past assignments, check the completion status and reassign/unassign tasks under Tools in the teacher dashboard.

Click on Assignment Management:

  1. Search the Mission Concept here
  2. Mission lists all teacher assigned Missions
  3. This symbol (A√) appears for Custom Word Lists only
  4. Completion shows the number of students who have completed the assignment on the left, then the number of students who need to complete the assignment on the right
  5. Schedule date will be listed here when added
  6. Created shows how long ago the task was assigned
  7. When all assigned students complete the task a green tick will appear in Progress

Teachers can click any task name under Mission Title to gain a better view of their students achievement scores and whether they are still working on the task.

Activities Completed is the number of activities (learn, practice & test) available on the task and how many have been completed.

Mission Results is the percentage achieved on the test activity.

  • Proficient - 80% - 100%
  • Near Proficient - 65% - 79%
  • Working Towards - 0% - 64%

Use the filters to narrow down your selection:

Did some of your students get a low proficiency percentage? Select Reassign on the task to give it to your student/s again.


Bec did not do well on her Adverbial Phrases test:

Tick to select the student/s and click Assign. Choose a schedule date or leave blank and select Assign & Close.

Both the original assignment and the new assignment are now listed in Assignment Management.

  1. This is the original completed task
  2. This is the newly assigned task

Click any task name under Mission Title to Unassign a task. Tick the box to select the student/s and click Unassign.

To assign a brand new mission use the article Assign a task.