Create and assign a Custom Word List

1. Click on Tools

2. Click on Custom Word Lists

Custom Word Lists consists of:

  • My Lists (all custom lists)
  • Shared Lists (all lists that have been shared)
  • Archived (all archived lists)

Select + Create New List

Create a Custom Word List

  • Enter a name for your Word List
  • Choose an option under 'Search for words' and enter the details or alternatively you can bulk import your words

  • The chosen words will appear in the list
  • Listen to the words by clicking the sound icon
  • Click 'Save Word List'

You can now select from 3 categories depending on the year levels (Word Recognition, Lower primary, Upper Primary/Secondary) ​ ​Click on Assign next to the preferred template for the students year level

Assign the Custom Word List to your students the usual way. The article Assigning Missions can assist with this process.

N.B - You can only amend a Custom Word List if it is not assigned to students. If you need to amend a Custom Word List that has been assigned already, please copy the word list, edit as required and reassign it.