Add, edit or delete a class - Admin

Note: If your account is set up to sync with Wonde, you will not see the option to add or delete students, teachers or classes. Any changes made in Wonde are automatically reflected in LiteracyPlanet, so you don’t have to update them manually. If you want to add brand new classes & teachers, please reach out to your LP Admin.

An Administrator has access to add, edit or delete all classes in their school.

Ensure you have switched your profile from Teaching and Admin Mode:

Under Home sits the Dashboard - Select 'Click to Manage classes':

Select the dropdown menu on the top cog to add a new class:

For a new class, enter the 'Class Name' in the space provided and select 'Teachers' then Save the changes:

To edit a class click the dropdown menu for the class and select Edit:

In 'Edit Class' the 'Class Name' and 'Teachers' can be amended and saved:

If the teacher does not appear in the list they need to be added first.

To remove a class select Delete from the dropdown menu on the the cog. If you see the error message below there are students in that class. Only classes with NO students can be deleted.

To bulk delete tick the classes and select Delete:

To Bulk Add/Remove Teacher(s) tick the classes and select Add/Remove Teacher(s):

  • Select Action
  • Select Teacher(s)
  • Submit