What is Wonde integration?

LiteracyPlanet has partnered with Wonde to provide customers with an automated data rollover process, eliminating the need for those pesky student upload forms!

How much is this going to cost my school?

Wonde is free to schools in Australia and New Zealand and you can cancel

your connection to Wonde at any time with no further obligation 🎉 ​ ​What data is shared?

Only the data you choose to share 👍🏻 ​ ​It sounds great! How do we get started and how long does it take? If you are interested please reach out to our team at hello@literacyplanet.com

and we will engage Wonde. A member of their team will then contact you. It only takes 15 minutes to set you up 🤩 ​ As soon as your connection is set up by Wonde, we will add the sync wizard to your account and send a confirmation email to the LiteracyPlanet admin. The email will include some instructions to complete the sync. ​ Once the sync has been completed, any changes made in your Student Information System will be automatically synced in LiteracyPlanet. ​ Note: Don't worry the sync does not affect any of your students current, or past assignment information and LiteracyPlanet data.

Benefits for LiteracyPlanet customers

  • Saves time – quicker rollover process
  • Automatically & accurately update data from your SIS to LP
  • No more student upload forms
  • No additional cost for customers
  • Safe and secure data syncing

So what are you waiting for? Lets get you set up today 🙌