Quick Start Guide - Teachers

Congratulations on signing up for your trial! Lets get started with the quick start menu.

There are 4 steps to complete your set up:

STEP 1 - Click on Set up your Class & Students

Fill out the detail and select Next

Students have their very own platform to log into so lets get them set up ✅

Give your students a single join code, you will find instructions on your email confirmation.

Just want to add your students manually? No problems! Add students yourself by selecting:

Click to add students

Select the Year Level & enter Student Names - Import

Check names are correct - Add students

Congratulations! You have added your students.

Please ensure you print student log ins next 💻

Students are given a Username & Password to log in, print logins and share 👇

Remember - students have their very own student platform and can log in using the unique Username and password provided.

Students using a browser can log in here: https://app.literacyplanet.com/login

Students on tablet devices can download the LiteracyPlanet app from the relevant app store:

After students are added they appear in Manage Students:

STEP 2 - Explore Student Mode

Explore Student Mode to check out the student platform:

Head back to the teacher dashboard anytime from here:

Student Mode can now be found in the Profile dropdown under Account Setting:

STEP 3 - Create a Literacy Check and assign this to your students

STEP 4 - Assign tasks to students

(tasks are locked until Literacy Check is complete)

Once set up is 100% complete you can close down the quick start window in the top right corner.