Wonde - first time sync

If your school has accepted an approval request from Wonde to sync your LiteracyPlanet account, the LiteracyPlanet Admin will receive a notification to advise the Wonde sync wizard has been added to the account (only for Admins).

What is Wonde sync wizard and why has it been added to my LiteracyPlanet account?

Your schools Student Information System (SIS) uses Wonde API integration. This integration has now been set up to sync school data with LiteracyPlanet data.

Matching LiteracyPlanet data with Wonde data does not affect or override any missions/tasks students have been assigned. We are simply matching data.

To Sync for the very first time the LiteracyPlanet Admin will need to log in to Admin Mode:

IMPORTANT - On the dashboard make a note of the number of classes, teachers and students on your LiteracyPlanet account:

Next step select the School Sync wizard:

Follow the step by step instructions in the Info section. The first step is to match your LiteracyPlanet years with years found in Wonde (this only needs to be done once):

When completed you can move on to Match Teachers, Select Classes and Match Students. ​ Select Match Teachers and choose the Matching Wonde Teachers.

  1. LiteracyPlanet Teachers listed here
  2. Matching teacher email address
  3. Select MATCH to match your LiteracyPlanet teacher with the matching Wonde teacher

Once matched any classes attached to the Wonde Teachers will appear under Select Classes. Tick the required classes. Ensure that you tick the required classes.

N.B - If you cannot see a teacher or class in the list please reach out to your IT department to check that they are added in Wonde.

Final Step is to Match Students.

  1. LiteracyPlanet Students are listed in this column
  2. LiteracyPlanet Year for each student
  3. If the student is an exact match (name and year) in Wonde they will appear here.

IMPORTANT: If Matching Wonde Student is blank select MATCH to match each LiteracyPlanet Student with a Wonde Student (search option is available). If you do not match your current LiteracyPlanet students you may end up with duplicate students on your LiteracyPlanet account.

Once complete all data is confirmed in Summary. This should be similar to the info noted from the dashboard.

Select Submit to finish and sync your account. To make changes go back to any of the tabs before submitting. The sync is not complete until Submit is selected.

Congratulations! Your Sync is complete. Any changes you make to your classes, teacher or student information in Wonde will now be automatically reflected in LiteracyPlanet, so you don't have to update them manually. ​ Please be aware that changes made in LiteracyPlanet will not be synced to Wonde. ​