Manage Classes - Teacher Class Sharing and Student Multi-class Membership

From your Teacher Dashboard select Tools & Manage Classes:

Tick the class and select Edit from the dropdown box under Actions:

In the Edit Class window tick the teacher/s you wish to add & save the changes:

Additionally, students can now be placed in to multiple classes (each class could belong to multiple teachers).

Under Manage Student tick the student you want add to other classes and select Edit from the dropdown box under Actions.

In the Edit Student window tick the classes and save the changes:

Teachers may also bulk add/remove students from classes under the Manage Students tab by selecting the students and Add/Remove Class.

From here you can easily Add or Remove students from selected classes:

Note: If your account is set up to sync with Wonde, you will not see the option to add or delete students, teachers or classes. Any changes made in Wonde are automatically reflected in LiteracyPlanet, so you don’t have to update them manually. If you want to add brand new classes & teachers, please reach out to your LP Admin.