Manage Students - amending & deleting students

How to edit, disable and delete individual students

  • Click on Tools from your Teacher Dashboard
  • Select Manage Students
  • Select the dropdown box on the Cog next to the student you want to edit
  • Select Edit, Disable or Delete

Edit Student to change the name (password must be at least 4 digits), year level and classes.

a. Edit the name of the student b. Password for the student can be reset (must be a minimum of 4 characters) c. Change year d. Select classes e. Save changes

There is an option to Limit Student Access (they won't be able to log in), use this instead of deleting a student as access can be restored.

To 'Delete' a student select 'Delete' instead of 'Edit' or 'Disable'

Note - this is a permanent change and we may not be able to retrieve student(s) if they are deleted in error. If you have accidentally deleted a student, contact us at with the student's login and class name.