Manage Students - print student logins & QR codes

Steps to print student login information from the teacher dashboard

Easily print off your student cards (including a QR code) or student lists from Manage Students.

1. From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Tools tab

2. Select the Manage Students

3. Click on the blue Cog

4. Select the option most appropriate to you (Students Cards or Student Lists)

Please Note: There are 2 ways you can print student logins: Student Cards and Student List:

Student Cards - Receive an email with your student cards attached. These cards will include a QR code that your student can use for logging in. Example below.

Student Lists - Print your students login and passwords as a PDF list directly from the platform.

To print a single student card, first select the student from either the Student Activity Report or Mission Results page. Then, go to the Overview for the student and click on Login Details. From there, select the option to Print login details.

If you have a home membership, you can access your Account Settings by clicking on the profile dropdown menu. From there, navigate to 'My Children' to print login cards for your students.