New Year Migration

In the Teacher Dashboard switch to Admin Mode from your profile at the top right corner (if there is no Admin Mode then you will need to engage your school Administrator for LiteracyPlanet).

From Home select New Year Migration:

Your account Administrator can download your current students (CSV format) to update this information for the new school year. ​ Already have your spreadsheet ready? Move straight to Step 2.

Step 1:

The download data spreadsheet will include, student first name, last name, year and current classes (under notes for reference only). Please manually update the year level, class, teacher, teacher email and then upload your new data. ​

Step 2:

Once updated, or if you already have your spreadsheet ready click: Upload and complete the form. We will confirm your New Year Migration has been completed as soon as the upload has been processed.

Want to roll over your students manually? No worries! Please reach out to the team to skip your migration at -