15-Minute Workouts 🖥️

Join our ‘15 Minute Workout’ webinars to discover all the fantastic features of LiteracyPlanet! In just 15 minutes, you'll be mastering different aspects of the platform.

Each week, we’ll explore new topics to help you get the most out of LiteracyPlanet. Don’t worry if you miss a session – we’ll upload all our webinars to our YouTube channel for you to watch anytime!

We’ll be running these workouts every Wednesday at

  • 7:45am GMT
  • 3:45pm GMT
  • 3:45pm AEST

Just choose a time that works for you and register. We can't wait to see you!

15 Minute LP Workout | Learning Levels 🎓

A brief look at learning levels and how to set them

15-Minute LP Workout | The Student Experience 🎮

A look at LiteracyPlanet from the student perspective

15-Minute LP Workout | The Intrepizine 📖

A closer look at the benefits of the Intrepizine and how it can be used for individual and group lessons

15-Minute LP Workout | Group Reporting 📊

The Group Reporting function and how to get the most from it

15-Minute LP Workout | Running Records 🏃‍♀️

A look at Running Records and how best to use them