Groups within Classes

Within a class you can now easily organise students into teaching groups šŸŽ‰

Set up a group within a class and add selected students to the group. There is also an option to add additional teachers.

From Manage Classes select your class - we have selected the class Gryffindor.

  1. Groups section - select New and create a group name (Addy's Group) - choose the students that need to be added to this group by clicking Manage
  2. Students section - all students that belong to the class are listed here, select Manage to add or remove students
  3. Teachers section - share your class with other teachers at your school by selecting Manage

Click on the group created - students attached to the group will appear in Group details:

There is now a separateĀ groupĀ for these particular students.

Quickly and easily create one or more group/s within a class. Allocate students to the groups created. At any stage go back and move students in and out of a group, or delete the group.

Teachers who share a class will also have access to the groups created.

Use the filters when assigning a task or viewing a report for specific group results.

Have a question? Please reach out to us from the in-app chat and we will get back to you šŸ¤©