Wonde - ongoing sync

After LiteracyPlanet is synced with the SIS a background sync will run every 2 hours.

What happens during the background sync?

  • Background sync updates the teachers, classes, and students to reflect the SIS ( so new students added to an already synced/tracked class will automatically appear)
  •  It will also move teachers to and from classes reflecting the SIS, and creates new students that appear in the SIS within an already tracked (synced and selected) class
  • NOTE - It does not delete any data whatsoever for safety, so we need to use the Sync Wizard to delete any records.

Why can't I see a brand new teacher & class that has joined the school in LiteracyPlanet?

When a new teacher is added to the SIS they appear in the School Sync tool immediately. To add them to the LP account select/tick them in the sync wizard along with the class (students in that class will automatically appear). Remember to head to Summary, check your changes and Submit.

How do I check and remove students that have left?

To remove students that leave during the year a few mid year syncs would be recommended to keep your account up to date.

Head back to your sync wizard and check for deleted students in the Summary section.


Teacher X and Class X with 5 students is synced - the class is added to LiteracyPlanet.

Class X and its students are removed from the School (SIS) in Wonde.

School Sync wizard in LiteracyPlanet shows the teacher ticked/tracked still however the class will not be there (as it has been removed from the SIS).

This will be reflected on the SUMMARY page as 1 class to be deleted" and "5 students to be deleted".

NOTE - If a student is attached to another class in the SIS that is tracked/synced in LP they will not be deleted.